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Footprints - Great Moscow State Circus

I have never been to a circus before. Seriously. My earliest encounter with the circus was from Pinocchio, the wooden boy who was sold to the circus.
Over the years, articles denouncing the use of live animals have influenced me against circus featuring live animals. Thus if I were to choose between a circus with live animals and the Cirq du Soleil, it was easy to decide. Hence even when the famed Moscow Circus came to town at least twice, I never had the slightest desire to join the queue into the tent. However, it would be impolite to refuse to see the circus when I was on Moscow, and I had really wanted to see with my own eyes the emancipated animals with the tortured look in their eyes, so vividly described in anti-circus articles.
Photo-taking was not allowed of the performance, but suffice to say, it was an enjoyable post-dinner entertainment, with the animals clean and looking more well-fed than I. In addition, I almost couldn’t believe I was in a circus, as I couldn’t smell the animals despite the Summer heat. This was in great contrast to the circus show I saw in Bangkok, where the animals positively smelled. [IMG ](Somehow, photos taken inside the Circus dodn't turn out well....)
Performances by animals were alternated with human performances such as acrobatics, trapeze and clowning. The clowns for the night, mmm and mmm had the audience of children roaring with laughter. The trapeze and the sommersaults had the audience gasping in wonder. 3 large white dogs emerged about three times, tearing madly around the ring I was worried they might trip over. The stage, too, was one interesting prop. Apparently, there was more than 1 stage for purposes of different performances. That night, we saw 2 stages, the carpeted stage for horses and an ice rink. During the interval, the horse stage was lowered, swivelled aside, and the ice rink moved into position and up, tantalizing the audience’s anticipation. However, I did not have the opportunity to checkout the backstage area, to see the living conditions of the animals which had appeared so enthusiastic during their performances. Also unfortunately, pictures taken inside the Circus did not turn out quite as expected. All in all, it was a positive experience, and I shall no longer rule out the possibility of joining the queue myself the next time the tent comes to town.

Some of the performers I saw: Teeter board acrobats Washington Trapeze Clowns

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